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Using the cooling fans pay attention to matters

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Ac cooling fan and the difference between DC DC cooling fans. The former for the ac power, the power supply voltage of plus or minus alternate, unlike dc fan power supply voltage is fixed, relying on the circuit control, make two sets of coil alternating work produce different magnetic field. Due to the ac fan power frequency is fixed, silicon steel sheet produced by the speed of change in magnetic power frequency resolution. The higher the frequency, the faster the magnetic switch, the faster the theory, like the more dc fan, the faster the speed. However, frequency cannot too fast, too fast can form activated difficult. Don't touch the fan blades and around the power cord, or pull the power cord, the shaft and the power cord will damage; Prevent dust, droplets and insects out, affecting the service life of product and bad product consumption; Using the flammable gas and no harmful to the environment; Please use within 6 months, long time storage will affect the fan performance due to the storage environment. When the fan operation, don't try to turn the fan locked for a long time, it will be because the continuous suspension and turning, high quantity of heat and burning fan; Fan device, please give special attention to the noise of resonance or vibration provoked; When the fan is in operation or operations fall from 60 cm of height, can produce certain influence to the balance of blade, especially ball bearings to prevent fraying.
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