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Using ac fan need more analysis, more consideration

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In the production of ac fan, improve the performance of ac fan alone is not difficult, difficult is, however, we needed to raise exchange fan when using a common performance. In march, is admired by the ac fan in use can improve to a performance, the use of various production, is the whole of the manufacturing performance of multi-azimuth fan products.
we have not a emphasis on high pressure of the fan performance, at the expense of the fan in energy saving, durability and other aspects of performance. So that people admire, ac fan of a high pressure, long service life, energy conservation and the embodiment of, can do is we can show the carefully. For ac fan, if you have some problems when using, more is more trouble, but don't try so hard, today small make up and analyzing together!
if the fan in the use of the process of communication, if bearing temperature rise is too high, we have already under way to solve: the first one,
if bearing box is violent vibration, so we can reduce the bearing box of a shock.
2, because if the lubricating grease quality bad, bad, contains impurities such as dust, adhering sand and dirt, so in the use of lubricating oil, we need these impurities are removed, make it work better!
the third, if is bearing box lid, the connecting bolt of the tension force is too large or too small, so we'll just tighten their power transferred to the appropriate strength!
so on different situation, for the use of ac fan we still need to analyze different.
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