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Using a cooling fan what matters needing attention

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Using a cooling fan what are the considerations for

1. Avoid dust, water, insects into and affect the life and bad product.

2. Please do not touch the blade and on the power line with fan or pulling on the power cord, the wire with the copper sheet on the circuit board welding is easy to fall off.

3. Please do not in natural gas and use any harmful environment.

4. When installation, please pay special attention to because of the resonance or vibration noise.

5. When the cooling fan running, please do not attempt to turn the fan locked for a long time in particular, it will for continuous stop do not turn, produce heat and burn out fan.

6. Lock casing outside the cooling fan, the torque of screw driver shall not be more than 4 kg.

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