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UPS fan and how to choose UPS cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26

Next, let’s briefly explain UPS fans and how to choose UPS cooling fans. The application of UPS is becoming more and more extensive. With the development of the industry, more and more large companies and small factories are doing UPS. It can be described as a mixed bag, and so are the cooling fan companies of UPS's escort accessories. The so-called dragon matches the dragon, and the phoenix matches the phoenix. But in this age when dragons and snakes are mixed and chickens and phoenixes are difficult to distinguish, many UPS companies have really broken their temples when they choose the most suitable cooling fans for their products. The layman looks at the excitement and the insider looks at the doorway. Our company's car radiator fan factory has been working in the field of cooling fans for many years. Now we have sorted out some of the things that UPS industry needs to pay attention to when choosing cooling fans and analyze why most UPS manufacturers choose our products. Come to escort. The UPS industry should pay attention to the selection of cooling fans and the advantages of automobile radiator fan factory cooling fans in the UPS industry: First, the air volume of the selected cooling fan meets the cooling requirements of UPS. The consideration here is not only the satisfaction of the air volume. Our engineers refer to the PQ curve of the cooling fan (that is, the air volume and pressure curve), and comprehensively consider the wind pressure when the air volume is satisfied, and select the most suitable corresponding cooling fan. The PQ graphs of many companies are copied or imagined out of thin air, and our company has three wind tunnels with a measurable range from .CFM to CFM. Real and accurate data provide reliability guarantee for our products. . Second, the impact of environmental factors on the performance of the cooling fan. Most cooling fan manufacturers use general-purpose PCB boards for each fan, mass production, and inventory. Compared with other industries, the application environment of the UPS industry is very harsh, and ordinary cooling fans cannot meet their needs at all. Our engineers have used Xinjiang to solve the problem of cooling fans for UPS manufacturers on the spot. The cooling fan products purchased by a certain manufacturer did not consider environmental factors. The local day and night temperature difference caused the deformation of the fan tube, and the cooling fan could not work properly. Affected the normal operation of UPS. Our cooling fan products are all professionally customized. Our engineers take the harsh environmental factors into full consideration through on-site inspections, integrate the research data into the experiment, and improve or develop the most suitable products. There is also an inspection of cooling fan companies. A good company does not necessarily have a good product, but a good product must come from a good company. Many cooling fans on the market have various certifications, but the price is as low as cabbage in the vegetable market. Anyone who knows well knows that a certification of a cooling fan costs thousands of dollars a year. How about hundreds of fans? Coupled with imported raw materials and lean processes, why do you have such a good cooling fan at such a low price? Is it really profitable by quantity? the answer is negative. After inspecting the product, you need to visit the factory. Some customers have asked us why your fans are more expensive than others. We never boast how good our company is, but every one of us knows that our fans are tailor-made for customers’ products. They are not flowers in the greenhouse. They are in an environment where commercial stoves are used. Greasy, there are also sun and rain applications in the communications industrial control industry, but they have always been stable and reliable, with due diligence. With such an excellent product, we will proudly say, welcome to visit our factory. After many customers came, it became clear, because they saw many things behind our excellent products, such as independent mold room, semi-automatic injection molding machine, dust-free workshop, comprehensive laboratory, various certifications, and medals and trophies awarded by customers. Of employees, excellent Ru0026D management team... Because of these, they chose us. To sum up, the UPS industry needs to combine its own factors and refer to the above points when choosing a cooling fan for accessory products, so that the best cooling solution can be constructed to make the product run more durable and stable.
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