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Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with light weight of DC cooling fan will what are the characteristics?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) producers, we will find a light weight, big air volume, price cheap DC fan, to make such a DC fan to have what characteristics? First of all, to be light in weight, or the small size, small volume air volume is small, this is a problem. If the DC fan thickness thin, larger size, the weight will be small, but the material cost is a little high. And the weight of the other, if go to from the characteristics of the materials, with light material, may be the price expensive, or the characteristics of the DC fan has a problem again. Chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing technology co. , LTD. The main products are: dc fan, ac fan, axial flow fan, centrifugal fan, cooling fan, computer fans, power supply fan, exterior rotor axial flow fan, axial flow fan, dc blowers, ac blowers, cross flow fan ( Cross flow fan) , industrial fan, exhaust fan, metal net, plastic net, over the net and so on. After careful review, all products quality forever in the first place. Tong chi auto air conditioning manufacturing technology co. , LTD. Of integrity, strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.
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