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Understanding the factors influencing heat exchange fan cooling

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Heat exchange fan at the time of operation, mainly converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Mainly we communicate for the cooling fan power supply, it itself has the fan coil is energized, according to the amp right-hand rule as we know, will inevitably produce magnetic field around the coil, and the heat exchange fan blades internal adherent magnetic rubber magnets, thus conductor produce the magnetic field is produced with a fixed vacuum repulsion, when the repulsive force is greater than the fan of static friction force ( Fan bearing friction, wind resistance of blade rotation) , fan blades natural turn.
of the fan cooling is conducted through the cold air cooling heat exchange, and the influencing factors of water cooling is mainly the cooling system's environment construct, when relative seal system environment should be considered when selecting a cooling fan fan wind pressure situation, when the fan air pressure is insufficient, fan speed significantly affected, and air volume decreased significantly, can not meet the heat dissipation effect, so the external wind pressure is the a factors that affect fan speed ( Diesel cooling fans can overcome) ; There is one obvious factor is the external environment, such as sand, greasy, high and low temperature environment, such as ordinary cooling fan doesn't do protection processing, environment is also very obvious influence on the speed.
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