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U supply car painted a cooling fan bearing, it really is too important!

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
U supply car painted a cooling fan bearing, it really is too important!

ball bearing ball bearing ( 球轴承) Change the way the bearing friction, the use of rolling friction, there are some among two hoop steel or steel columns, supplemented by some grease lubrication. The way is more effective in reducing the friction between the bearing surface phenomenon, effectively improve the service life of the fan bearing, and so will the heat radiator is reduced, prolong service life. The downside is that technology is more complex, lead to cost increase, at the same time also bring higher noise.

oil bearing oil bearing ( 滑动轴承) ) Is the use of sliding friction sleeve bearing, using oil as a lubricant and drag reduction agent. Can be said to be in the market now zui common kind of bearing technology, due to low cost, simple manufacturing, many products including well-known brands are still continue to use. Its advantage is the early use of quiet, low noise, low price.

magnetic levitating bearing magnetic suspension bearing ( 磁轴承) Motor adopts magnetic levitation ( 磁系统,MS) Design, is the use of magnetic effect to the rotor suspended in the air, no mechanical contact between the rotor and stator. Is the principle of magnetic induction line with maglev line, vertical shaft core and the maglev line are parallel, so the weight of the rotor is fixed on the orbit, the use is almost without load axial maglev line direction top bracing, form the whole rotor suspended, in a fixed orbit operation. Compared with traditional ball bearing, oil bearing, magnetic bearing, there is no mechanical contact, the rotor can be run to high speed, small mechanical wear and tear, low energy consumption, low noise, long service life, no lubrication, no oil pollution, etc, especially suitable for high speed, vacuum, super clean and other special environment. Maglev in fact is a kind of auxiliary function, is not an independent bearing form, specific application must also cooperate with other forms of bearing, such as magnetic levitation + ball bearing, magnetic levitation, oil bearing, magnetic levitation + vaporizing bearing, and so on.

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