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Turbocharged function and operation principle of the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Racing is a very popular sports games, although in reality the majority of people living pressure is very big, but it doesn't stop, we want to have a sports car cool heart, and when people are talking about their favorite sports car, the performance of turbocharged the cooling fan is usually one of the hottest topics. The turbine cooling fan in the car really played a what kind of role, and how to run, the following is by possessing the cooling fan manufacturer Tong chi under the car air conditioning technician to solve for you: turbo cooling fan in the car have the biggest effect is that it can quickly improve engine air inflow so as to improve the car engine horsepower, and will not significantly increase the engine weight, engine mount turbocharged after the cooling fan, than the didn't pack the car power of the turbine cooling fan to increase more than 40%. This also means that a same engine after pressurization can produce more power, more robust carriage. Take us one of the most common. 8 t turbo engine, after pressurization, power can be 2. The level of 4 l engine, but 1 fuel consumption. 8 what engine is not high, in another level is to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Also used in large diesel engine. This is also an important factor of the turbocharger is so popular. The turbocharger is a mandatory guidance system. Its operation principle is to squeeze air flowing into the engine. Thus, each cylinder burn stroke can happen more power. Turbo engine power than the same happened much more general engine. So can obviously increase the engine component ratio. In order to achieve the improvement of performance, the turbocharger USES stocks move in waste gas turbine engine rotation, while the turbine moving pump rotation. Turbine turbine in the highest speed of 150000 rotations per minute (RPM) - — This is equivalent to most of the car engine speed 30 times. Together because connected to the exhaust pipe, the temperature of the turbine is generally high. Basic knowledge of the turbocharger, add engine can burn fuel and air is one of the most secure way to increase engine power. Add fuel and air is one way to add the number of cylinders or increasing the cylinder volume. Sometimes the way is not feasible. When using the turbine will be adding more concise and useful method, especially modified after the purchase of their own. Above is the turbine cooling fan's role in the automobile and its operation principle, wen ling chi car air conditioning is specialized in manufacturing heat cooling fan, dc cooling fan, cooling fan and turbo cooling fan manufacturers, excellent quality, reasonable price, welcome to online consultation, detailed product parameters figure, please pay attention to our company's official website http://
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