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Turbo cooling fan of the big four pitfalls

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A lot of friends all eager to have a belongs to own a car, can every day sit his sports car, nothing to ride everywhere, bask in the sun, tourism and so on, think about is how comfortable life. But there are a lot of people in the tangle of is especially when buying a car, why, because listen to other people, sports car is a turbocharged engine cooling fan, than ordinary cars more fuel-efficient, repair and maintenance is expensive, so has been hesitant, so is it true? The following is pressurized by possessing the cooling fan manufacturer' YiRongChuan 】 Technician to explain for everybody: turbo cooling fan of the four big mistake: myth. Turbocharged models of fuel, maintenance FeiGui. Actually with a turbo cooling fan, and the ordinary sports car maintenance up almost because turbine itself not be special maintenance, all the maintenance steps and naturally aspirated, even the oil also can use the same. Maintenance costs, and says to the fuel consumption, some models are more fuel, but not all models are oil consumption, the vast majority of vehicle fuel consumption are the same, just more sports car power, so you feel more oil consumption. Erroneous zone 2. Turbo cooling fan life is short, quick wear, replace the expensive. As car radiator fan manufacturer's internal technical personnel's research and development and manufacturing for many years, now the turbocharged the service life of the cooling fan can match is much more than before, now the pressure cooling fan as long as they do not damage people, basically never change, than the life of the car itself for a long time. The price also is very ordinary. Myth 3. Turbocharged models, every time shut down all need to slow running for a period of time. This phenomenon only early turbocharging technology, don't need now. Early vintage turbocharged models did require users to don't stall, immediately after the long time high speed to keep the engine running for a few minutes. Purpose is to prevent overheating of the turbocharger fault occurs. Now go through the turbine cooling fan manufacturer of constantly improve and improve, make up for the defects. Myth, turbo can only run on the open ground. Not suitable for driving in the bustling city. Turbo technology is often before the phenomenon of the turbine to operate under high speed, and now as this has been basically eliminated, turbocharged models can be a city car because today by improving general 2. 0 liter displacement of the naturally aspirated engine maximum torque of 180 nm or so, the corresponding rotational speed value & gt; Although 3500 turn 1. 4 tsi engine maximum torque of 220 nm appeared between 1750 ~ 3500 RPM, but when the engine's speed to 1250 r is 180 nm of more than 2. 0 l naturally aspirated engine torque output is maximum. Even when 1000 revolutions is greater than 140 nm, without the intervention of the turbocharger, when 1000 revolutions cannot reach such large torque output values. Therefore, in the city under the condition of the turbocharger can not only play a role, but also play very well above is everyone for turbo cooling fan is easy to produce misunderstanding, hope that through this article can help you, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning cooling cooling fan is specialized in the r&d, dc cooling fan, turbine peng fan supplier, dc cooling fan, brand manufacturers, quality and design first-class, if you have not understand or need to purchase, welcome to our company consulting understanding. 。
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