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Turbine cooling fan and radiator cooling fan cooling way which good?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Surging factory operating machinery and equipment, the equipment of heat dissipation has become one of the key process, so need to apply to a good cooling device, as the application situation and the change of environmental temperature, sometimes need different radiator cooling fan to meet demand requirements. And we all know the kinds of cooling device also has a lot of, for example, the commonly used turbine cooling fan and radiator cooling fan, the circuit principle generally divided into a variety of forms, the circuit is different, the performance of the cooling fan will have difference. The turbine cooling fan and radiator cooling fan cooling way which good? The following is by YiRongChuan professional analysis for everyone. Turbine cooling fan and cooling of the cooling fan cooling mode which good: turbine cooling fan: turbine cooling fan also called centrifugal cooling fan, blower capacity is the biggest advantage, blast force is big, the spread of the wind, but the turbine cooling fan fault is due to the high speed, the air inhaled than other types of cooling fan, so don't add block parts of inlet, a child accidentally touch is easy to damage. There is big noise, rotating speed is too high, sometimes more than 3000 turn, so it will be very noisy, wind and heat dissipation effect is difficult to keep on a best combining site. Turbo boost speed quickly with high loads, temperature, and noise control is not very ideal, if bad case internal heat environment will seriously affect the heat dissipation effect. Radiator cooling fan: along with the progress of science and technology, technology and performance aspects of radiator cooling fan has completely reached a mature stage, and constantly have new technology. However, radiator cooling fan rotation speed can be through internal rotational speed signal measurement, but can be by external measurements, and able to work according to the current automatic temperature control of the cooling fan speed, high temperature, improve the speed, low temperature, reduce the speed, in order to achieve a dynamic balance, to keep the wind noise and heat dissipation effect one of the best combining site. Will not attack a human being and, save space, the characteristics of low speed, so the heat dissipation effect is better. Through the turbine cooling fan and cooling of the cooling fan cooling way of comparative analysis, we can know the cooling of the cooling fan cooling way is more reasonable, in addition, the radiator cooling fan is also widely used in communications products, photoelectric products, automobile electronic equipment, switches, heater, inverter, ATM, automobile air-conditioner, welding machine, audio equipment, environmental equipment, refrigeration equipment and other traditional or modern instruments and equipment.
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