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Troubleshooting of automobile radiator fan failure

by:TOCH     2021-03-16

Trouble 1 The cooling fan does not rotate during the running of the car.
1. The engine water temperature has not reached the cooling fan's starting conditions, and the weather is low.
2. You can use the engine diagnostic instrument to test the function of the cooling fan. If the cooling fan can rotate normally, the circuit is regular. Check the thermostat.

Trouble 2 The car's cooling fan does not turn, and the air conditioner does not cool.
Reason: Check the temperature control switch of the electronic fan. The button is no problem. Check the failure of the electronic fan itself. Only when the electronic fan is running normally can the air-conditioning evaporator dissipate heat to cool the air-conditioning system.

Trouble 3 The car engine cooling fan does not rotate at a high level.
Reason: The high water temperature of the engine is mainly caused by the electronic fan not starting. The water temperature will be average after troubleshooting the electronic fan. If the electronic fan does not work, check whether the connector is poorly connected, check the power supply and grounding of the electronic fan, check whether the fan is stuck, check whether the fan motor is burned, etc. These factors will cause the electronic fan to fail to start. It is recommended that the vehicle arrive in time, Repair at the 4S shop, and drive on the road after troubleshooting.

Fault 4 The air conditioner cooling fan is loud.
Reason: Check whether the fan has a place to grind the shell, check whether the fan leaf is deformed, whether the bearing is damaged, and whether foreign matter enters the fan.

Trouble 5 After the flame is turned off. The cooling fan frequently starts to cool the engine.
Reason: The cooling system of ordinary cars also stops working after the engine is turned off, which often causes the temperature to rise after the engine is turned off, causing damage. Therefore, the current high-end cars are equipped with automatic cooling functions. The power of the radiator is directly connected to the battery. After the flame is turned off, the engine's temperature is still scorching, so the cooling fan still works for a while. The high temperature causes the car to ignite spontaneously.
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