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Tong chi you notebook mini car radiator cooling fan production noise when how to do it ( On)

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Tong chi micro auto cooling fan small make up believe blow all know notebook car in use after a period of time will produce this kind of phenomenon of annoying noise. Tong chi micro auto cooling fan small make up tell you play a biggest role in the production of noise are mostly notebook cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars. Tong chi cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars today small make up by some notebook a variety of solutions of automobile noise, noise and wish to meet a laptop friend help.

laptop when in use will appear different degrees of some noise, high load in the laptop are especially obvious, working long time under the environment of such noise can produce certain effect to the user. So, how to reduce the noise generated from your laptop, tong chi mini car radiator fan small make up next to introduce some simple method.

first of all, we want to know, laptop main noise source has the following four aspects: the first is the notebook cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars produced by the work and the second is that, when mechanical hard disk read data, the third is the drive to work, the fourth is that, when a variety of electronic components work. Laptop camera how to open, so for this four factors, the noise of the electronic components are faint and we are negligible; Drive noise is very big, but the general users do not often use. So the noise is mainly the micro daily use notebook auto cooling fan and mechanical work hard.

drive make a big noise when use the

the next analyze the notebook everyday use when the noise is how to produce. First notebook cooling fan noise of micro and subcompact cars: mini cooling fan is the main heat dissipation devices, notebook laptop at work, internal heat will be by the micro motor cooling fan, when the notebook internal temperature is too high or use time is too long, the use of micro motor cooling fan frequency will be higher, which leads to too much noise, thereby reducing the internal heat for laptop can effectively reduce the micro motor cooling fan noise.

followed by the noise of the mechanical drive: most notebook user configuration of the hard disk are mechanical drive, when the laptop is working, hard drives will perform data read and write operations, when the hard disk to run load is too large, the noise will be. And that hard disk rotational speed, the gao will produce, the greater the noise. Therefore reduce running load, or reduce the hard disk of revolution using noise can reduce the hard disk.

laptop car hard disk when using smaller noise in

after analyzing the notebook the source of the noise produced when using, we set out to solve the noise problem in users, mainly from the perspective of the heat dissipation and system optimization, radiator is the largest source of noise of the fan in general.

clean notebook main heat dissipation area

method one: clean up the notebook main heat dissipation area. Clean the dust inside the notebook can effectively reduce the calorific value of the laptop, and reduces the use frequency of the cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Because the design of the notebook is different, their respective outlet and the design of the cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars are also in a different position, next I took more common now a notebook design is explained how to carry out cleaning operation.

before open the laptop, be sure to wash your hands will own electrostatic discharge, so as not to damage the internal electronic components, notebook power supply cut off, and then the battery to be taken, to find the right screwdriver ready to teardown. Detailed steps shown in the diagram below:

laptop heat dissipation device and near the outlet of dust is more is the part of the main clean up

as laptop when use, heat mainly by the cooling equipment export, dust will have obvious accumulation. The rest of the circuit board less dust, clean the basic can be ignored.

notebook radiator outlet nearby dust adhesion obviously

clean up after the notebook outlet

gathered a lot of dust in the outlet, we'd better tear open come down to clean up the cooling components, but it needs to be coated silicon grease on the cooling fan and chipset more troublesome, and some machine has been no warranty, such demolition will lose the warranty, so we can use the brush first large dust sticky walk gently, in the gas blowing away the dust in the surface can be repeatedly.

mini car radiator fan dust accumulation is clearly the area of the clear mainly

near the cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars screws removed miniature motor cooling fan

mini cooling fan inside the dust accumulation is obvious
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