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Tong chi waterproof cooling fan manufacturer to tell you the micro heat cooling fan what is the difference between different bearing in

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Tong chi micro waterproof cooling fan manufacturer small make up believe everyone knows the importance of the 'heart', and as a mini cooling fans' heart ', do you know what? Tong chi micro small make up waterproof cooling fan manufacturer directly tell you the truth, micro motor cooling fans' heart 'is a bearing. The mini cooling fan bearings are mainly hydraulic ( Oil) Bearings, ball bearings and double ball bearing this several, that have what different difference between them? Tong chi micro waterproof cooling fan manufacturer small make up today is to talk to you.

hydraulic bearing layer of micro motor cooling fan is mainly containing oil, belongs to the sliding friction. Once after the oil consumption of cooling effect is very poor, speed significantly reduced, and noise. The mini car radiator fan life is relatively short, and it is proportional to the low price. But a new generation of hydraulic bearing oil through the filling technology, the service life of let her have greatly ascend, basically can reach more than 30000 hours, have been able to satisfy most application needs. Within one hundred yuan radiator often use this kind of bearing.

cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars of ball bearing is the inner one/two ball bearings, belong to rolling friction. The design of small friction coefficient, high speed, thus can lead to better heat dissipation effect. Moreover loss is small, live longer, often have reached more than 150000 hours of service life of products. Of course the price also is higher, and less noise in the hydraulic bearing. Radiator often use this kind of bearing of one hundred yuan of above.

the low-end product USES the oil-retaining bearing, the porous metal material is made, can absorb and self-restraint lubricating oil, reducing wear. The process cost is low, life highest about 30000 hours. After a service life as the fallout and volatile oil, can make bearing noise increases, the cooling fan speed slow.

single ball bearing is composed of ball bearing and oil bearing. This technology maturity, the difficulty is to ensure that the two bearing coaxial. A cooling fan life generally in more than 40000 hours. Due to its better noise control and the cooling efficiency, this kind of bearing has been occupy the absolute superiority of the radiator market.

double ball bearing will be more product life up to 150000 hours. And as the adaptation of the ball and bearing, available at the beginning of the larger noise will reduce gradually, shows its good heat dissipation performance.

the difference between different bearing corresponding to adapt to the people of different use price, tong chi waterproof micro cooling fan manufacturer small make up to tell you that's why people always say you get what you pay for.
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