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Tong chi to teach you how to determine the cooling fan miniature heat cooling fan performance

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The cooling fan micro cooling fan is a car can help host the cooling fan, silently to the cooling fan of heat conduction and blown into the air. And how to determine the cooling fan performance of micro cooling fans, believe that most people don't know their judgment basis, so tong chi small make up today will tell you about it!

in fact, the cooling fan micro cooling fan of main performance from the following aspects: speed, blade shape and blade Angle and bearing system. In general, the radiator is marked on the manual of the speed of the fan. Generally radiator cooling effect with 30% depends on the speed of the fan. But the fan is not speed, the higher the better. Correct micro cooling fan speed should be decided by the calorific value of the cooling fan, different specifications of the fan speed choice should distinguish somewhat, the basic principle is: on the premise of produce the same volume, the fan speed should be lower, the greater the noise may also be small, generally between 3500 RPM to 5200 RPM speed is a more conventional.

the greater the power, fan wind is strong, the cooling effect is better. And the power of fan and fan speed is a direct link between, that is to say, the higher the speed of the fan, the fan will be strong. Most of the cars sold on the market of fan is dc 12 v, the power is from 0. X
W to 5. 04 w, then the size of the power to choose according to your cooling fan calorific value. Tong chi micro cooling fan small make up special remind everybody is, cannot the one-sided emphasis on power, only need to match the power of the cooling fan is ok, if the power is too big, not much enhanced cooling effect, not only may enhance the computer instead of working load, eventually shorten the life of the cooling fan and fan. Therefore, when choosing the size of the cooling fan power at the same time, the amount should be 'hot'.

good radiator, edge there will be no burrs, cooling fins no deformation, no cracks at the bottom of the smooth, clean and tidy appearance and elegant style, quality assurance, anti-counterfeiting marks or other features of the trademark, etc. In addition, we also notice when choosing radiator is the bottom of the micro cooling fans can't be too thick, because of the thermal conductivity of the aluminum is not very good, is too thick will affect heat transfer; Additional grooves on the surface of the radiator should close some, this will ensure that the radiator can have larger contact area with air, so as to enhance the cooling effect.
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