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Tong chi tell you why the case miniature car radiator cooling fan is suitable for the case

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Chi know small make up different automotive cooling fans will play its due role in different places, such as waterproof auto cooling fan in the open occasions can be used to, so for the case there is a dedicated to chassis radiator cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars. This case a cooling fan is designed for the case of micro and subcompact cars and prepared, not like a normal car cooling fans after locking force still has strong currents cause calorific value huge production easy to burn out the phenomenon of the motor.

chassis cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars have since the launch of the fan function, due to its special IC design, current to zero after stop, external force can remove after turn again. And chassis cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars under the condition of the same speed, has since the launch of the chassis of micro and subcompact cars feature a cooling fan working current is only half of ordinary car cooling fans, power consumption is extremely low, greatly extend the service life of the fan, to improve the product price.

tong chi small make up tell you car the host if there is a heat problem, so may cause car caton, crash, such as failure, especially in the summer is very easy to cause the main box internal cooling bad, if you need to solve the problem of main box heat, can be installed through the case of micro and subcompact cars internal cooling, cooling fan for chassis chassis tiny different way auto cooling fan, cooling effect is also different, the following is a general chi small make up to you finishing the best way to install chassis micro motor cooling fan cooling, let's get together and see it!

the best way to install chassis cooling fan cooling of micro and subcompact cars:

1. Horizontal duct

horizontal duct: generally choose horizontal duct users, belongs to the low end of the car configuration, their car host calorific value is not very high, so they don't need a good heat dissipation performance. Often choose such a duct is also to be decided by the mainframe of the original fan, the novice friends tend to use such a economic and practical air duct, only need to buy two case miniature motor cooling fan.

  2. Vertical duct

vertical duct heat dissipation good: through our test, vertical duct natural cooling results are an advantage. Because of this case is only one brand have sure as DIY players know, hard disk position on the back of this case, therefore to good heat dissipation effect, so the hard disk temperature, cooling fan, cooling effect of the GPU, really well, and is superior to other structural design case.

  3. Stereo duct

the three-dimensional wind cooling needs more fans: three-dimensional duct is to install all five fan is a fan, only in this way can form the heat dissipation good stereoscopic duct, heat dissipation good, every advantage has its disadvantage, more fan noise is bigger, so users according to need to choose the case fans.

how to properly use case miniature cars a cooling fan?

general case fans are installed in the front of the chassis, the cold air will be used to inhaled blown over to the main board, by power supply fan out finally, form the convection. Consider the air flow direction
best, the best solution is install a fan, before and after each into a diagonal direction distribution, then the entire chassis cooling effect is good. Chassis fans at the front of blowing, the back of the fan to blow out. Form convection radiator fan, video card, hard disk, cd-rom, northbridge, occurrence and other chip on the card by moment in heating the air inside the case, if you don't put these heat discharge outside the box, will seriously affect the heat dissipation of different parts, affect the service life of the car.

in general case, there are two places can pack fan generally on the hard drive bracket, in front of the back of the general below the power supply, keyboard above the mouth. Higher sale chassis factory is already packed 1 ~ 2 fan. When installing a case miniature automobile cooling fans, should follow the principle of air flow. If the installation of the fan move forward after the case within the wind after the road to the former's rules; If the fan installed upside down, before the last in the or last in advance, because of the fan is out of the wind power, can cause chaos wind path.
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