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Tong chi tell you miniature the classification and properties of waterproof car radiator cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Tong chi small make up know because now many factories in order to improve the production efficiency, have to purchase all kinds of machinery to complete the production, and to extend the service life of mechanical equipment, must be on the heat dissipation. Waterproof mini car cooling fans are popular in many industries a cooling device, however, you have to understand the classification and properties of waterproof mini car a cooling fan is what? By tong chi below small make up for all of automobile cooling fan under micro waterproof classification and performance.

waterproof mini auto classification and performance of a cooling fan:

1 microscopic waterproof automobile cooling fans, mixed flow:

mixed flow micro waterproof auto cooling fan is also called the diagonal flow fan, the first look, mixed flow fans and axial flow fan is no different, in fact, mixed flow waterproof mini car radiator fan inlet is along the axis, but outgassing is along the diagonal direction of the axis and vertical axis.

performance: mixed flow waterproof mini car radiator fan because of blade and conical casing said so air pressure is higher, under the same size and other comparable performance, compared with axial miniature waterproof auto cooling fan, centrifugal micro waterproof auto cooling fan noise is lower, thus has high flow rate and the relatively high wind pressure.

2, axial auto cooling fan:

axial flow fan blade pushing in the same direction as the axial air flow. Axial flow fan impeller and propeller are similar, it at work, the vast majority of the flow of air flow parallel to the axis, in other words, along the axis direction. Axial flow fan when the inlet air flow is 0 static free air, the minimum power consumption, when working with air pressure rising power consumption will increase, so usually in electrical equipment cabinets, sometimes integration on the motor.

performance: has the high flow rate, the characteristics of the secondary air pressure, due to the axial flow fan is compact structure, can save a lot of space, easy installation at the same time, so widely used.

3, centrifugal micro waterproof auto cooling fan:

centrifugal micro waterproof auto cooling fan, blade air moving in a direction perpendicular to the axis phase ( The radial) Flow, inlet is along the axis direction, and the gas is perpendicular to the axis direction. In most cases, the use of axial flow fan can achieve cooling effect, however, sometimes you rotate it 90 degree if need air discharge or need larger wind pressure, you must choose a centrifugal fan. Strictly speaking, fans are belong to the centrifugal micro waterproof auto cooling fan.

performance: limited flow rate, high wind pressure.

4, dc cooling fan:

waterproof mini car dc cooling fans is by dc voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy into mechanical to drive the blades rotating, its technology and performance has completely reached a mature stage, and constantly have new technology. Now, dc cooling fan has been widely used in computers, communication products, medical devices, heaters, air conditioners, frequency converter, the teller machines, welding machine, audio equipment, environmental equipment, refrigeration equipment and other industries.

performance: running stability is strong, good heat dissipation effect, long service life.
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