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Tong chi tell you choose correct dc car radiator cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
For the global greenhouse effect, so the car radiator cooling fan equipment heat dissipation is more popular with traffic many factories and other places. But car dc cooling fan brands products on the market more and more, an obvious distinguish the quality problem is irksome. Aiming at the status quo, tong chi mini dc motor cooling fan small make up just like you talk about a cooling fan selection criteria.

a, auto cooling fan of the brand, tong chi small make up believe that people tend to choose to have the brand of product, because the good brand is the guarantee of the quality of product, because they have their own credibility and trustworthy, also is a kind of protection for consumers.

2, chi auto cooling fan small make up to tell you all of the dc cooling fan cooling fan factory produced products are two kinds of bearings. 1, the ball bearing. 2, oil bearing.
ball bearing characteristics: long life, low noise, oil bearing characteristics: low price.

3, chi micro auto cooling fan small make up to tell you can boot test, with the hand to touch, feel the vibration amplitude, loading level product general vibration amplitude is large, and irregular. And the axial temperature might also gradually on the high side, sounds great.

4, micro auto cooling fan is tong chi small make up to say the noise problem, because the car radiator fan noise also is one of the factors that determine product quality, the size of the dc fan specifications the same size, voltage under the condition of equal, the greater the noise, the worse quality.
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