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Tong chi super car radiator cooling fan is characterized by what?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Chi tell you small make up a diameter of 7. The area covered by 3 m's 50 is approximately equal to 0. 75 MB of mini car cooling fan cover. If in a 9000 - square - meter factory, hope to achieve universal coverage effect, this time need about 300 units, cooling fan of micro and subcompact cars if very large automobile cooling fans only 6 sets. By using 4 years and 8 months each year, 10 hours a day calculations, total running about 10000 hours, power 90000 KW/h, small fan 1080000 KW/h, energy-saving
990000 KW/h, energy saving 92%!

used with air conditioning, energy saving more than 30%.

large area covered by the

our clients feel very large automobile cooling fans after large area covered are praise: 'the fan speed is so low, power is so small, why can cover such a large area? '

very large automobile cooling fans can cover such a large area, depending on the unique aerodynamic blade design, can minimize the resistance, the electric energy into the kinetic energy of the air of the highest efficiency. In addition, the fan air flow structure and ordinary small fan is different also, small fan can only cover the scope of the fan diameter and large energy-saving fan air flow vertically into the ground first, and then form 1 - on the ground 3 meters high air layer, thus formed is not restricted to the very large energy-saving fan at the bottom of the large area covered. In an open place, a fan can even cover 1400 ┫ large area.

solid natural breeze

very large automobile cooling fans brought comfort is can't be matched by other fan, under the large automobile cooling fans, you will feel from all directions of the three-dimensional air supply, which covers the whole body parts, maximize the sweat evaporation surface, forming a like nature wind system. And traditional high-speed fan high speed straight blow to the human body is very uncomfortable, not only the wind speed is too high, local temperature drop and force the body, it will bring a lot of health problems, such as a fan. 1 - 3 m/s is human body feel the best wind speed. According to the actual situation, accurately adjusted the maximum speed, in the process of actual use, you don't need to wind speed modulation biggest: depending on your site.
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