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Tong chi roots drum description and the working principle of the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Chi automotive air conditioning is a set research and development, marketing and after-sales service in a body specialized cooling fan manufacturer. Tong chi car air conditioning is specialized in the roots of drum cooling fan manufacturer, tong chi since entering the field of the cooling fan, always adhere to the cooperation with aviation scientific research units, combining aviation technology and the cooling fan technology, established the company characteristic of science and technology enterprises. Tong chi persist in integrating the essence of the cooling fan equipment both at home and abroad, 'chi' brand, independent research and development into a complete product specifications, production strength, full of potential cooling fan manufacturer, is one of the important production base of domestic cooling fan. Tong chi roots cooling fan for volumetric heat dissipation fan, drum conveyor is proportional to the air volume and revolutions, each time 3 leaf type impeller rotation by two to three suction, exhaust the impeller. Compared with 2, ovate, small gas pulsation, small vibration, low noise. Cooling fan impeller on the two axis with elliptic shell inner hole surface, end face and the cooling fan impeller between front and back end cover and the cooling fan impeller is kept small clearance, the synchronous gear drive lee from the cooling fan inlet along the shell inner wall to the discharge side. Do not need lubricating oil cooling fan inside the cavity, simple structure, smooth operation, stable performance, to adapt to a variety of purposes, has been applied widely. Roots the working principle of the cooling fan drum: when the motor drives the driving shaft is rotated by coupling or pulleys, installed on the driving wheel gear drive on the driven wheel gear, synchronous rotation in the opposite direction, make the accompanying meshing rotor rotation, so that the casing and rotor to form a space, gas from the air inlet into the space. The gas is compressed and the rotor squeeze air outlet, and the other rotor is diverting the relative position of the start of the compression to the rotor of the first, and the other side of the casing to form a new space, new gas and to enter into this space, will be squeezed out, continuous movement so as to achieve the purpose of the blast.
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