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Tong chi | radiator cooling fan selection method

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A lot of people at the time of change, can directly purchase power, large blade of fan, think this fan wind is big enough, there is a very good cooling effect. These knowledge is very wrong. 1. Choose good quality radiator fan, after purchase to the corresponding debugging on the speed of the fan. 2. Radiator fan not blades, the better, the greater the blades of the fan in the process of operation, the resistance is very big, in the selection of fan Ye Shizhong can; 3. Is not the power of the fan, cooling effect is better, the power will affect the normal use of the vehicles, in the choice of when to undertake choosing according to the actual usage; Above is chi small make up to you to introduce the relevant cold knowledge about cooling fan.
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