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Tong chi radiator cooling fan air distribution form

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Tong chi of the cooling fan air supply method is the most widely method is to use axial flow fan blowing down, was so popular because good combination and low capital. In addition, there are will be the direction of the axial flow fan, in turn, upward into convulsions method, this method seems to be getting more common recently. Two kinds of different method of tong chi cooling fan air supply is different method of air flow, the blast happened to be turbulent, wind pressure big but vulnerable to resistance loss; Convulsions occur is laminar flow, air pressure small but airflow. In theory, turbulent flow is much bigger than laminar heat transfer of power, thus become the mainstream programming method. But the air movement and the heat sink also has a direct relationship. In some of the heat sink planning ( For example too tight fins) , breath by the heat sink is very big, now choose convulsions may have better effect. As to choose next to face blast planning, generally do not what is the difference and the role of the top blast. And useful way to improve is to build a dedicated CPU cooling air duct, thus not being CPU adjacent to the hot air, the influence of equivalent to reduce the environmental temperature. Axial flow fan, although widely used, but also has inherent defects. Axial flow fan motor bearing block, central air cannot smoothly through the blast area, which is referred to as a 'dead zone'. And on the typical heat sink, is just the fins has the highest temperature in the middle. Because of this contradiction, choose axis wind flow, radiator cooling effect is not abundant. As tong chi during the cooling fan is a kind of centrifugal fan and axial flow fan, fan has two kinds of completely different blast method. Also gradually began to use the CPU cooling down, general computer users called 'turbo fan'. This fan winner in well with the issue of 'dead zones'. Centrifugal fan with the difference between the traditional electric fan is the blade rotation was conducted in the vertical plane, the air inlet is located next to the fan. Radiator bottom receives the airflow spread more evenly. No obstacles in centrifugal fan drum wind direction, so have the same in every position. With its scale of wind pressure and the adjustment of air volume is bigger, speed control effect is better. Negative effects as well as high-power axial flow fan - — Price is high, the noise is big. Other a handle tong chi cooling fan wind blind area method is to change the fan out of the wind direction. Traditional radiator installation method is to flow down, that is perpendicular to the CPU. Improve air duct after planning, lateral blowing fan instead, let the air flow direction parallel to the CPU. The first advantage of the lateral blowing is thoroughly deal with wind blind area, because the air flow through the radiator fins is parallel, air flow section four air velocity at the edge of the fastest, and the CPU hot just located the edge of a hair. This CPU heat dissipation base absorb heat can be timely to go. Other one advantage is no rebound wind pressure ( Generally when blowing downward, part of the air to heat dissipation bottom and bounce, it will affect the air flow direction inside the radiator, the heat transfer of power was lost) 。
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