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Tong chi miniature radiator cooling fan is how to ensure the constant temperature in the car?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Tong chi miniature working principle of a cooling fan is implemented according to the energy conversion, namely: the electrical energy to electromagnetic energy, mechanical energy to kinetic energy. But you know tong chi micro cooling fan works in the car? How to ensure the normal order of the car driving? Follow through chi micro car cooling fan small make up together and see it!

1, micro cooling fan temperature can be set automatically according to the requirements of water temperature, inlet temperature of the engine, the factory default engine water temperature constant temperature is 87 degrees, inlet temperature constant temperature is 50 degrees.

2, when the water temperature setting temperature is 87 degrees, the water temperature is 84 degrees cooling fans began to slow running at 1% of the group; With the enhancing temperature fan group with 1% to 100% of the linear speed, water temperature reached 90 degrees cooling fan group all run at full speed by 100%;

3, when the inlet temperature setting temperature is 50 degrees, inlet temperature and 47 degrees cooling fans began to slow running at 1% of the group; With the enhancing temperature fan group with 1% to 100% of the linear speed, inlet temperature reached 53 degrees cooling fan group all 100% running at full speed.

4, regular cleaning radiator: system regularly cleared every week the remains of the radiator core body, control using residue suction fan reversal the radiator core body, the function make the tank body clean dry static for a long time, play the best thermal performance.

5, emergency button: when the controller failure, the driver only need to press the emergency button on the controller, the emergency button the lights on the fan will run with maximum speed, to ensure that the vehicle can travel to the repair shop.

6, miniature cooling fan principle and energy saving effect: in order to maintain the engine work under an optimal temperature, accurately control the temperature of the engine cooling water, make the engine cold nor hot, however, remain within a reasonable range in 90 degrees, make the engine work under an optimal curve, so that you can make the engine work its maximum efficiency, it is part of the intelligent air conditioning, popular, under this temperature, fuel can play the highest efficiency. Except the best fuel efficiency, the traditional cooling power is directly driven by engine power, engine bring no less than 13% of power consumption, our cooling fan is composed of multiple sets of, and are directly by the battery power supply, the total energy consumption control within the 35 a, in order to good guarantee engine heating and constant temperature, when does not meet minimum set temperature, the fans don't have a job, in order to better heat accumulation, also is the hot car time, people often say that meet minimum set temperature, the fan group began to start at a constant speed, when running at full speed reached 90 degrees, the reasonable control of the fan energy consumption, to ensure that an annual oil-saving rate reached 10%, more than 5% more fuel-efficient than similar products.

7, miniature cooling fan maintenance items: that don't have to maintain at ordinary times, the system only electronic fan is wearing parts, when due for replacement ( Tong chi micro cooling fans tell you small make up the service life of the general electronic fan for more than five years, warranty period: 5 years) To traditional belt drive fan to greatly reduce the cost of the usual maintenance.
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