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Tong chi micro car radiator cooling fan can use the refrigerator?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Tong chi micro auto cooling fan small make up believes everyone not unfamiliar, the refrigerator this noun refrigerator can refrigeration cooling is known to all, so how do you know the refrigerator heat? Really don't see refrigerator built-in equipment is small in size, but its interior is having multiple evaporator and the cooling fan, and every one of them by precise control and can work independently, to maintain the ideal temperature, isolated odor does not interfere with each other, intact all the nutrients and delicious flavor ingredients.

dust prevention maglev technology

tong chi mini cooling fans tell you small make up a cooling fan used patent links gradually seal card positioning technology and blind holes without gap technology structure, with low noise and high performance. Prevention of dust, the service life of up to 70000 hours.

turn to start the operation technology

the freezer has the function of rapid cooling temperature of minus - 32 ℃, improve the master degree of preservation, maintain the best condition. Using ultra-low temperature fan in turn - start running technology 40 ℃ environment can still functioning, thus effectively achieve accurate temperature control, and provide a quiet, intelligent energy-saving and efficient cooling system.

unique noise reduction technology

after Artemis diverse sound analysis software, let the fan has a tiny sound quality, comfortable. To create a more humane, use environment.

the micro thermal auto fan motor technology

can not only provide the refrigerator district accurate control of temperature, but also can make the voice of the fan is smaller. In general, due to large traditional fan motor, fan leaves smaller, need higher speed when running, so will always produce a specific audio; Tiny cooling fan motors and use new technology to reduce, the motor let fans have greater air flow to help spread multiple audio. This will make it originally set is not easy to hear the noise.
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