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Tong chi cooling fan with brushless dc motor as the core components

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Brushless dc motor as the core components, to provide product solutions mounted on the motor fan, fan, gear, pump controller, and other related parts and components, providing customers with the best product modularization. Through the motor on the basis of additional fan, fans, pumps, reducer, controller, etc. , starting from the initial stage of development as a product design, module can realize the institutions including additional motor department module as a whole to achieve the best condition, and can achieve high performance. In the past, the automobile industry, etc has been adopting modularization production way, today, the home appliance industry also gradually began to use this way for production. Possessing the electricity production with motor as the core component module of the product, for more and more customers to provide the best solution. Tong chi cooling fan this on brushless dc motor with other parts made of module products, as well as in the physical dimension unchanged under the premise of a sharp rise in the power output of the products; Can also be on the premise of maintaining the power output, product miniaturization and greatly improve the battery life. Possessing electricity is good at producing brushless dc motor has small, light weight, high efficiency, good control characteristics, including agency department, to carry on the design, can better improve the performance of the brushless dc motor. In ceiling fans products, for example, in order to make energy-saving sex of brushless dc motor, has developed a new blades, the full use of super computer fluid parsing techniques, compared with the previous blades, achieved the effect of low speed, large air volume. In the field of intelligent cleaner products, to meet the manufacturer's product design philosophy, the company's product solutions are compared with general have brush motor, such as selection of possessing electricity to produce the product of the fan module, can be on the premise of the suction strength unchanged drastically reducing the volume of a product, at the same time improve the battery life. If with the roller drive module, the gearing, equipped with dust sensors, vacuum cleaner, the flatness of the smudgy degree, will control the suction and speed on its own. Look at the refrigerator. In order to make the flow of cold air circulation in the oven more effectively to improve the effect of cold storage, frozen, is used in the refrigerator fan motor. So far, we have been trying to solve the technical problem how to reduce the fan motor power consumption itself. Now, as the customer requirement to improve the performance of the fan motor, analytical technology, we use fluid flow channel of refrigerator out FengKouChu improvement, with a specially developed for refrigerator ultra-thin wind module, freezer in further reducing power consumption ( The energy-efficiency) At the same time, also contributing to the increase in volume. Tong chi cooling fan
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