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Tong chi car waterproof heat tell you turbine type radiator cooling fan works

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Tong chi car waterproof cooling fans tell you small make up turbine type micro cooling fan is with into kinetic energy, improve the gas pressure and release of gas equipment, because the turbine type micro cooling fan is a kind of driven fluid machinery. Tong chi car waterproof cooling fans tell you small make up turbine type micro cooling fan is mainly applied in manufacturing plants, mines, tunnels, cooling tower, automobile, ship and building ventilation, dust and cooling; Furnace pot and auto furnaces of ventilation and air; Air conditioning equipment and household appliances in cooling and ventilation; Grain drying and submitted; The source of the wind tunnel and hovercraft inflatable and propulsion, etc.
the characteristics of the turbine type micro cooling fan is in the direction of the wind and the wind 90 degrees, the side of the wind. Small volume, strong wind, micro turbine type cooling fan heat removal capability is strong, can be forced to crowd out quantity of heat, to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.
chi automotive waterproof cooling fan small make up to tell you about the working principle of turbine type micro cooling fans, let us take fission air conditioning as an object of analysis in the indoor machine mainly have heat exchanger and the fan, the fan is to speed up heat exchange, generally from vertical surface air inhaled, from below. Due to inhalation of air through the heat exchanger was absorbed some, so air is the air conditioning. Switch to absorb the energy of the machine by fluorine Leon to outdoor, outdoor on the fluorine force the compression, heat rejection, with the fan into the air. The main use of exothermic system of gas pressure, reduced pressure when the principle of heat. Using fluorine force aung pressurised relief cyclic heat absorption of indoor to outdoor.
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