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Tong chi automobile science industrial cooling fan is made of which a few parts

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
For people who do not understand the cooling fan, want to buy a fan for their products, don't know the fan is made up of several parts, let alone choose an appropriate cooling fans. Especially in industrial cooling fan, components are more diverse, know before I can buy the structure of industrial cooling fan, can be a better choice for their products a cooling fan. Tong chi auto science for everyone today about the industrial cooling fan consists of several parts.

1, motor

the high-end chip, low noise, less power consumption, durability and other characteristics.

2, blades,

tell you mini waterproof industrial cooling fan manufacturer small make up according to the aerodynamic design of streamlined blades, the ground socket can effectively promote large air flow.

3, control box,

adopts frequency conversion control system, the built-in overload protection, safe and practical.


laser cutting to ensure accuracy, ground socket antirust use resin paint, to ensure that mechanical parts in warm humid environment, use for a long time also not easy to rust.

5, chassis

high strength aluminum alloy, the dynamic balance test, durable, smooth operation.

6, tail

under the drive of motor rotation, ground socket push air flow, and formation of vortex in the end of the blade. And installed the tail blades can eliminate this part of the energy loss, stable fan operation, improve efficiency.

industrial cooling fan is widely used in large industrial workshop, warehouse logistics center, conference center/airport, the sports fitness place, the stadium/theater, a large exhibition hall/auditorium, steel structure plant, livestock farms, and other fields.

through the explanation you know about the industrial cooling fan is made up of which a few parts? Don't know the friend may contact chi car, our company is production and sales integration of the cooling fan manufacturer, focus on research and development production of cooling fans, axial flow fan, centrifugal fan, fan; Can provide you with professional heat dissipation system solutions.
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