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Today give you the importance of the anatomy of the radiator cooling fan bearings and disassembly method

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan bearing ( 轴承) It is a kind of important parts in the modern machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotator, down at the bottom of the movement in the process of friction coefficient and guarantee its rotation accuracy. By the frictional properties of motion elements, bearing can be divided into two categories, the rolling bearing and sliding bearing. The rolling bearing is standardization, seriation, but compared with sliding bearing radial size of it, the vibration and noise is bigger, the price is higher also. Rolling bearings generally consists of outer ring, inner ring, rolling body and keep the frame of four parts. According to the shape of the roller, the rolling bearing can be divided into two types: ball bearings and roller bearings. The cooling fan bearings are divided into ball bearing and oil bearing. The ball bearing relative to oil bearing quality is better, lengthen the life of name, of course the price also higher. Bearing is the important foundation of all kinds of machinery and equipment parts and components, its accuracy, performance, long life and reliability of the accuracy, performance, long life and reliability of the host plays a decisive role. The following is to introduce a few bearing dismantling method 1. Gas and magnetic levitation bearing: gas and magnetic levitation bearing is resistant to the beautiful patent technology, its characteristics is bearing can be easily open, axis of which is designed on the door frame, while blades with a sleeve. The blades and the axis of the contact point with a steel ball, steel ball when the cooling fan rotation can resist bearing, has reached the purpose of the bottom friction reduction. Steel ball above is a magnet, can drop bottom axis on the power. 2. Long-term bearing oil seal, it is to honour for the Hyper 212 Plus on the radiator cooling fan, which is often said that the 'seaweed'. The size of the cooling fan rotor show greater than other heat dissipation fan. The cooling fan will be installed directly on the axis of the sleeve, and the sleeve is not fixed to death, and is free to rotate. This bearing is better than oil seal bearing in theory, but because of the axis of still coated with lubricating oil, therefore still to pay attention to the problem of dust and oil. 3. Magnetic levitation motor bearing, magnetic levitation motor bearing is the patent of SUNON company, its internal structure is very complex, coil and bearing are directly fixed on the rotor, and through the fixed rubber ring. Maglev piece can be generated and embedded magnets vertical magnetic effect, ensure the balance of the blades, and ensure the axis in all angles and bearing vertical state of suspension. Due to the each other between the induction coil and magnet traction, make the rotor dangling form a fixed orbit determination. Appropriating a bearing at present and here we only shows part of the product. Almost every big radiator manufacturers have their own original bearing, its effect is also different, you are advised to choose suitable for their products.
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