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Today about the cleaning method what exhaust fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Exhaust fan with longer duration of use, even if the quality is good, also is unable to avoid the accumulation of dust and stains, thereby decreasing its use life. Therefore, it is very important to clean. Here are simple to understand and exhaust fan cooling fan blade cleaning method. First, gently and carefully pull the exhaust fan power supply, loosen the screw, before and after the exhaust fan back cover, pull out the exhaust fan connector, and remove the filter and the back cover together, don't too hard. Secondly, the detergent and water mixture to the appropriate concentration. If there is oil cooling fan, please use the hot water and detergent. Clean filter about 10 minutes, about 15 minutes, and then put it in the filter cover note don't put small motor submerged or wash with water. 1, detergent cleaning: this is a kind of relatively common, now working in the kitchen covered with papers, and then open the exhaust fan of dry, need to simple preheating of blades, it is more convenient to clean, the lampblack machine spray detergent, and then turn off the cooling fan, three minutes later, in a simple clean with hot water, turn on the switch, so that we can make the oil drop into the store content box. 2, pressure cooker, steam washing: this is a method of high temperature to remove mainly done through the pressure cooker, in the pressure cooker to join half pot of cold water, boil, and so on steam continuously eliminate the minimum pressure valve, aim the lampblack machine blades of steam, can go to the washing by high temperature. 3, glue to division: the main is strong vertical paste method, will scrub good blades after dry, apply a layer of glue on, use after a period of time, the oil on the blades with glue, which can then be pulled off, this is a cleaning method is more convenient. 4, detergent vinegar soak: it is mainly used in chemical reaction, the blades were removed, soaked in detergent containers of vinegar, again need to soak for 15 minutes, then clean with a clean cloth put on the skin. For clean lampblack machine, fuselage also needs cleaning, attention should be paid to the solution temperature should keep at around 60 degrees, decontamination ability is better, we can allocate, ensure no reaction on the skin, the lampblack machine nature also won't produce the effect of corrosion, a cleaning method is better. 5, soap, baking soda, citric acid, cleaning is also a chemical reaction. First of all, we need to do is will exhaust fan screw down, then use a sponge with soap, and then press the sponge, bubbles, add baking soda, it became a alkaline detergent. So to exhaust fan to clean up, the oil will fall down. We after all to wipe with clean towel ready to vinegar or white vinegar smudgy secondary processing, such pollution, clean up clean, just like new. And reinstall filters and back cover, stay close enough to maintain moisture balance and good air circulation. If necessary, please consider using some deferrization, machine or machine to moistureproof. When filling water cooling device, should as far as possible to use pure water, pure water, high purity fine less handsome, the growth of thin handsome can reduce the condensation process, make its more health. The cooling fan should be cleaned regularly, after running for a long time, because of the dust and dirt jam, may affect the filter and the air volume and cooling effect of the curtain up. Therefore, as far as possible every two Zhou Qingjie, distance should not be too short, so as to avoid humidity and air circulation.
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