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To warm the classification of the cooling fan and the choose and buy method and matters needing attention of choose and buy

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Warm the cooling fan is made through the cooling fan, motor, and a combination of air heater unit. Applicable to various types of plants, when the air contains no dust and flammable or explosive gas, can be used as the circulating air heating. Warm the cooling fan can be used independently as heating, commonly used to supplement the shortage of the radiator parts or use on duty as a heating radiator, the heat load borne by warming the cooling fan. Kind warm radiator fan are there? Floor heating radiator fan air volume of this kind of unit, send out hot air range far, affordable heating larger area. The runtime, big noise. Suitable for factory workshop heating. Ld type heating radiator fan shaft diaspora hot fan on down to the bottom of the unit, side into the warm air from the cooling fan, after vertical air heat exchanger, sent down. In order to make out big jet plane down, spread in the export of the cooling fan is equipped with guide vane. Warm HengChui type cooling fan indoor air inhaled from the side, after heat exchanger, horizontal direction. Jet has a certain range, the range of heating air by fully mixing, temperature uniformity. How warm the cooling fan of choose and buy? 1, buy warm radiator fan also need combine toilet area when the choose and buy. If toilet area is suitable for use 1500 w 12 to 15 square meters of the cooling fan. The 2000 w warm the cooling fan is more applicable in 18 - area Inside toilet of 20 square meters. About 25 square meters for 2500 w warm the cooling fan is used for more than 25 square meters toilet. 2, buy condole carries on the warm radiator fan to see categories. Condole carries on the warm radiator fan natural wind profile Settings ignored by many consumers, but from the Angle of product performance and use, have natural Settings is better than no science many natural Settings. 3, condole carries on the warm radiator fan of choose and buy when should listen to see if there is noise. Condole carries on the warm radiator fan blow warm wind is driven by motor, motor operates inevitably produce noise, is the best way to identify noise turned on the power gear, with the hand on the product body, feel the product vibration amplitude, vibration amplitude, the greater the noise. What are the precautions for warming the cooling fan to choose? Small warm cooling fan selection note 1, uniform temperature field, to make the workshop keep a section of speed, choose warm, the cooling fan should be checked the workshop air cycle times, generally should not be less than 1. / 5 times. 2, arrangement warm, the cooling fan should be warm radiator fan jet to connect with each other, has formed a general air circulation heating space. 3, should not be warm radiator fan outside wall vertical indoor waft. 4, supply air temperature should not be less than 35 ℃, should not be higher than 55 ℃. Large warm cooling fan choose note 1, length, should not have structures in the area of the range or large equipment, the outlet from the height of the ground shall meet the following requirements. 2, when building bottom chord 8 m or less, YiQu 3. 5 ~ 6米; When building bottom chord & gt; 8 m, YiQu 5 ~ 7 m. 3, large warm radiator fan should not be layout in the workshop near the door, at the bottom of the exhaust opening height should not be greater than 1 m above the ground, also should not be less than zero. 3m。 Chi automotive air conditioning is a set research and development, marketing and after-sales service in a body specialized cooling fan manufacturer. Tong chi car air conditioning is professional warm cooling fan manufacturer, tong chi since entering the field of the cooling fan, always adhere to the cooperation with aviation scientific research units, combining aviation technology and the cooling fan technology, established the company characteristic of science and technology enterprises. Tong chi persist in integrating the essence of the cooling fan equipment both at home and abroad, 'chi' brand, independent research and development into a complete product specifications, production strength, full of potential cooling fan manufacturer, is one of the important production base of domestic cooling fan.
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