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To understand the Automobile fan 】 Installation and maintenance requirements

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In our daily life, the car fan this stuff is often can see, here we can understand the characteristics of the motor fan zui twice is a fluid flowing through the fan impeller, a fluid along the radial flow along the radial flow out again after zui, intake and exhaust direction in the same plane, the exhaust gas along the width direction fan evenly distributed. In our installation also need method, then the small make up bring car fan installation techniques and maintenance requirements!
1, the environment temperature should be 75 c & ge; - - - - - - 40 c
2, through the cooling fan of industrial gases are not allowed to have a strong acid, strong alkali and various kinds of solution.
3, there is no dust and other debris falling into the fan, fan burned and blades so as not to cause fracture.
4, before installation should first check whether because of the packing and shipping damage, deformation, deformation or damage shall be installed after repair.
5, finish after the above steps, and then to check whether there is loose screw and various parts; Whether a collision between blade and ram or shift, if encounter or shift should adjust the rear can be installed.
so the above is the installation and maintenance, automobile fan wants to know about car fan of professional knowledge, you are welcome to give us a message!
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