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To measure the cooling fan what are the parameters of the cooling performance of the high and low

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In peacetime, we can come into contact with the industrial cooling fan, such as: CPU fan, cooling fan in the fridge, all kinds of electronic equipment, high-tech equipment, machinery and equipment are some of the cooling system. However to measure them is the parameters of the cooling performance of the high and low air pressure and air volume, so what's the relationship between the two?

wind pressure refers to the fan to overcome resistance to supply air pressure required to produce, divided into static pressure and dynamic pressure. Static pressure is parallel to the direction of air flow measurement to the pressure, dynamic pressure is the process of gas flow kinetic energy into pressure required [ Units: mm/H2O ( inch/H2O) How many mm (, wind pressure water column Inches) ] 。

air volume refers to the product rate of fan ventilation area and the area of plane. Ventilation area is the projection area of the outlet of area minus vortex tongue. Plane speed is gas velocity of the airflow through the plane, the unit is m/s. Plane speed is constant, the fan under the wheel diameter, the greater the ventilation area, the greater the air volume is larger. Air volume, the greater the cold air is, the greater the heat air flow when the transfer can take more heat and cooling effect, the more obvious.

unit conversion rules in a cooling fan parameters - — Static pressure and cooling fan parameters - — Air has a detailed explanation.

in the practical application, the winds of nominal value, is not the actual heat sink delivery, air volume is big, also does not represent the ventilation ability. Due to air flow, air flow in the flow path can meet the cooling fins, the impedance will limit the free flow of air. Increase the air volume, air pressure will decrease. So there must be a best operating point, namely the fan performance curve and wind resistance curve intersection. In working point, the fan characteristic curve slope of the youngest, and the system characteristic curve of the lowest rate.

and a cooling fan air volume and the relationship between the cooling fan wind pressure is restricted each other, not two separate performance metrics. Each other is the relationship between air volume decreases with the increase of the pressure difference, and a cooling fan blade shape and the overall structure design decides the degree of restriction of them.

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