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To master the Auto cooling fan 】 The core of frequency conversion technology.

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
To master the Auto cooling fan 】 The core of frequency conversion technology.

auto cooling fan is current zui commonly used in the computer a powerful refrigeration equipment. By a motor cooling fan, bearing, leaf and shell parts. Motor is a dynamic source of cooling fan, cooling fan speed high and low, and the size of the drive depends on the performance of the motor. Ordinary cooling fan is generally only a few yuan a, and some high dang a cooling fan is to sell a few hundred yuan. Huge price differences, not because the bearing type and blade shape, the differences between the airflow direction, etc, but mainly because the cooling fan motor performance differences, a good cooling fan is key to have a good motor.

high dang strong machine structure and the control function of the cooling fan is more complicated. As a result of the cooling fan motor is more and more high technical content, if you don't know much of its details, it will be difficult to install and use correctly. Therefore, this paper mainly analyzes the cooling fans used in the motor.

the basic working principle of dc motor according to different power supply mode, the machine has two types of dc motor and ac motor. Computer used in the cooling fan motor for dc motor, for + 12 v power supply voltage, speed between 1000-10000 revolutions per minute. Dc motor is the direct current (dc) can be converted into mechanical energy of rotating machinery. It is composed of stator and rotor commutator and the three parts, the stator ( The main pole) Are fixed on the fan support, is the rotating part of the motor.

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