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To install the dc fan which is the right steps?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
General right to install dc fan performance of radiator is advantageous to the product, package, installed in the direction of the wind direction, location, distance cooling products and so on factors, also a dc fan, because of the installation, the performance of the cooling effect will be different. How to correctly install dc fan, please comply with the following points.

  1. Set the dc side suction fan, please as far as possible away from the cooling body, etc. ( By cooling the body as the plane, an area the size of the fan is roughly same, on the basis of 250 px.

  2. Dc fan mounting holes should be greater than the calibre of the fan, the fan installation aperture & gt; The fan diameter.

  3. Installing a fan, dc cooling fan and should leave no gap between panels. ( Leave gaps, will not be able to give full play to the cooling effect)

  4. Wind direction and flow to the cross-sectional area of dramatic change will weaken the cooling effect, so please avoid this situation.

  5. Using single flange surface for installation ( One sided flange installation) 。

  6. Using the penetration bolts for installation ( On both sides of the flange installation) When installation, on both sides of the flanges, please consider fixed casing, don't change. Tightening torque should be 0. 44 n. m.

  7. Box fan installed on aim the box fan screw hole, please insert the panel hole, using the attached mounting screw and nut should be fixed. Installed, up and down the lid, please according to the actual need for installation.

in addition to the above 7 installation method for dc fan, fan cooling with convulsions of dc cooling and blowing cooling two installation methods, ventilation cooling system noise is low, heat dissipating capacity is relatively small, blowing the cooling system noise is opposite bigger, heat dissipating capacity is big, quick, but easy to take dust into system, need to defend the net cover outside.
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