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Tips for cleaning car cooling fans!

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Tips for cleaning car cooling fans! u003cbru003eBecause the car cooling fan has not been cleaned for a long time, a lot of dust is deposited on the outside. The author first cleaned the exterior of the car cooling fan. Next, let's disassemble the fan. There are two small screws on the car cooling fan. Unscrew them and the side close to the air outlet becomes loose. Gently break off the metal buckle of the car cooling fan, and the side cover of the car cooling fan can be opened. Be careful not to open the buckle at an excessive angle, so as not to lose its elasticity, and it will not be tight when installed. When the fan is turned on, the inside of the car cooling fan is also terrible. All kinds of dense dust, especially the fan blades of the car cooling fan, have accumulated a thick layer. After simply brushing the ups and downs with a brush, I suggest that you wipe the fan blades carefully with a paper towel or cotton cloth soaked in water. It is best not to use some organic solvents, because that will easily cause the fan blades to become compatible with it and bake at high temperatures. It is easier to make the fan blades brittle and accelerate the aging, and it is more reliable to use water. After careful and patient cleaning, the fan has a new look. After adding a drop of lubricating oil to the fan's bottom shaft, use the method that was previously disassembled and reassembled. Even if the fan part is cleaned up.
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