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Three heat transfer methods of cooling AC fan

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Three heat transfer methods of cooling AC fan u003cbru003e1. Heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation. The material itself or when the material contacts the material, the transfer of energy is called heat conduction, which is the most common way of heat transfer. For example, the direct contact between the CPU heat sink base and the CPU to take away heat is heat conduction. u003cbru003e2. Thermal convection: refers to the heat transfer method in which the flowing fluid (gas or liquid) moves the heat away. In the heat dissipation system of the computer case, the 'forced heat convection' that the cooling fan drives the gas flow is more common. the way. u003cbru003e3. Thermal radiation: refers to the transfer of heat by radiation, the most common thing in daily life is solar radiation. These three heat dissipation methods are not isolated. In daily heat transfer, these three heat dissipation methods all occur simultaneously and work together.
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