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Three classification and principle of radiator cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Brand good car or commonly inside can match a set of strong cooling system, cooling system, including the radiator and radiator cooling fan, radiator and radiator cooling fan is directly decided to a car and the heat dissipation ability, inside the car chassis chassis produced every day a lot of heat, especially of motors and cooling fan, all need through the cooling fan of the forced convection to speed the heat loss, so a good cooling fan cooling fan is also to ensure the whole car, control cabinet and other equipment running one of the key factors. Then you know what radiator cooling fan is divided into several categories? They are how to work? Under the following explains the small make up for you: on the basis of heat dissipation of the cooling fan power supply different ways: can be divided into AC cooling cooling fan, DC cooling cooling fan and EC cooling cooling fan. AC radiator cooling fan works: the difference between the AC cooling fan and DC cooling fan. The former power supply for communication, power supply voltage is sinusoidal alternating sex change, DC cooling fan power supply voltage is fixed, however, must depend on the control circuits, the two groups work can produce different magnetic field coil in turn. AC cooling fan for power frequency is fixed, therefore silicon steel sheet produced by pole change speed, decided by the power frequency, the higher the frequency of magnetic switch, the faster speed will be faster in theory, like the more the number of dc cooling fan, the principle of speed faster. Frequency, however, cannot too fast, too fast will lead to activate the difficulties. Our application on the car radiator is DC cooling fan. But generally a good cooling fan mainly inspects air volume, speed, noise, using lifespan, what type of fan bearing structure etc. DC radiator cooling fan works: according to the amp right-hand rule, the electric current through a conductor, can produce a magnetic field around, if put the conductor at a fixed magnetic field, it will generate attraction or repulsion, moving object. Inside the dc cooling fan blades, attached to a charge in advance of the magnetic rubber magnet. Around the silicon steel sheet, the axis part two sets of coil winding, and use hall sensor component as synchronous detection device, a group control circuit, the circuit make the job of two groups of coil turns of coil axis. Silicon steel sheet to produce different magnetic pole, the pole and rubber magnet repulsion. When the repulsion is greater than the cooling fan of static friction force, natural rotating blades. Because the hall sensor component provides synchronization signals, blades sustained operation, therefore, as for the direction of running, can be determined by Fleming right-hand rule. EC radiator cooling fan works: EC cooling fan is also called the AEC or ADC cooling fan, the working principle of the cooling fan is equal to the DC cooling fan. Just input ac voltage at the power input, voltage into a DC voltage is connected by module of the structure of the DC DC cooling fan. The core principle of work is equal to the DC radiator cooling fan. Above is the three major categories, radiator cooling fan and the working principle of the difference, I hope this article can help you, wen ling tong chi car air conditioning is a professional research and development production radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc fan peng merchants, excellent quality, first-class service, radiator cooling fan is one of the most professional brand in China, free proofing, directly or indirectly from two samples, complete specifications, fully functional, if necessary, can go to consulting understanding.
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