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These mistakes have you ever met a radiator cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan and other electronic products, also the interface is the cathode wires, a lot of people would say that the cooling cooling fan installed backwards certainly wouldn't work, actually this is wrong, judging from the results of the experiment, even if the radiator cooling fan installed backwards, the cooling fan can run, but cannot have cooling effect, and the rotation before long time equipment will be temperature rise resulting in high temperature equipment sent, crash wait for a phenomenon, so installation radiator cooling fan must see interface is negative, do not attempt to install the reverse, to avoid unnecessary loss. If there is no strong radiator cooling fan on the equipment. What problem will appear again? Many people say radiator cooling fan will produce strong noise, actually this kind of talk is also very one-sided, although many of the cooling fan on the market at present is to heat the cooling fan is firmly fixed on the device, but there are always some cooling fan is not directly fixed on the equipment, but is fixed on a plastic frame, we all know the noise source of the cooling fan is caused by the resonance, in order to decreasing noise caused by this reason, many of the cooling fan is fixed through a flexible plastic frame, so we can have the effect of preventing resonance, the cooling fan after directly fixed on the plastic frame, plastic frame by card buckle fixed to the equipment, gently press the cooling fan four corners, you will find the cooling fan has a certain room for the movement of the space, do not firm is not fixed, but to drop the bottom in the operation of the cooling fan noise take special design, so, the idea that break up must be installed firmly to reduce noise is one-sided. Myth 1: the greater the cooling fan cooling sex is stronger, many people believe that the size of the cooling fan directly determines the cooling performance of the system. Admittedly, the design of the cooling fan for cooling scheme has a pivotal role, but the size of the cooling fan is not directly decision scheme integrated performance. Typically, large size of the cooling fan at the same speed may gain greater air volume, but under the condition of the same air volume, large size cooling fan for relatively small size of the cooling fan can be better static sound wrapped. However, as the electronic product integration ', space size is getting smaller for thermal design engineer ( This is an inevitable trend, the thermal design engineer with distress, it is better to hurry to find a way to mention 'heat dissipation design level) 。 Large size cooling fan will occupy a lot of heat dissipation design space, make it difficult to the design of the radiator. And, for the car chassis, this product duct is relatively simple, for server, transmission equipment, such as box products, large heat dissipation fan will also lead to uneven distribution of air flow. In addition, the large size cooling fan failure consequences are more serious. Erroneous zone 2: ball the cooling fan is better than oil cooling fan this is a lot of the cooling fan engineers education outside the special mantra. Is wrong, however, less is one-sided. Effects on the plans of the cooling fan, the greater is the cooling fan bearings. Now on the market of the cooling fan in here there are two kinds of design, ball bearing and oil seal, respectively, ball bearing cooling fan is old, sliding friction to rolling friction is the junior middle school physics is about common sense, but more about the author. Oil seal design is a lot of people don't understand, the representative of oil seal in the form of TC oil seal, this is a kind of rubber springs coated with the tight spring lips oil seal, however, in the field of bearing is good and it's high-profile 'rifle bearing', makes the totally enclosed and lubricity is better, so that the bearing of life to be able to extend. The type of ball bearing is a bearing, a ball bearing is not good, and bad ball bearing with terrible noise. Equivalent of oil axis is, of course, even the bad ball bearing will have a much longer life, but compared to the high quality oil seal bearing ball bearings have better mute, and life has also won't have too much lag behind. At present, the cooling fan in the consumer electronics has a large number of adopting the improved seal bearing design. Ball bearing once into the dust, the noise of the terrorist, directly scrap is also possible. Myth: small turbine cooling fan cooling bad a lot of people think that the server or the mainstream video card attached 'turbo' cooling fan is Tony, you should not appear in the mass market, radiation capability is bad voice is very big, in fact this is a big mistake. Actually thinner turbine cooling fan sells on the market, its sales have been high, small turbofan have higher speed and air volume, the diameter of the heat dissipation is from top to the side, however, many consumers believe that this kind of cooling fan has a big flaw, that is the 'noise', super large tend to be acceptable. The wide use of the turbine cooling fan, is actually more coming from the mentioned above by compression of the thermal design of space. For only about 20 mm of thickness, ask if jose to shaft diaspora heat fan? In fact, in the scale of electronic products, turbine cooling fan noise performance is relatively low. Reassuring, although the air volume is low, but the wind turbine cooling fan generally relatively the same size of the shaft heat fan much larger diaspora.
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