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The working principles of brushless dc cooling fan and distinction between with brush

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The working principle of brushless dc cooling fan is a kind of hall effect to realize the conversion of magnetic sensors, it has high sensitivity, good linearity, high stability, small volume and high temperature resistant, occupies very important position in the locomotive control system. The requirement of speed sensor is strong resolving power, high precision and inspection planning time as short as possible. Generator speed test solutions can be divided into two categories: pulse generator speed power generation computer retrieval strategy and inspection. Working principle of speed generator is speed into A voltage signal, its reliable operation, but large volume, low accuracy, and as the measured value is analog, must be read in computer after A/D conversion. The working principle of pulse generator by the generator speed of each turn a corresponding number of pulse signal. Select or design pulse generator by the requirement, can achieve high performance inspection. So what is a brushless dc cooling fan, it's also a lot of people want to know about a problem, YiRongChuan to give you a more detailed explain this noun, brushless dc is through electromagnetic driver, conductor does not contact, is driven by winding under magnetic field, there would be no friction, no contact life long, and the noise is small, the rotor speed of the motor speed rotating magnetic field of the stator and rotor pole ( P) Impact: n = 60 * f/P. In case the number of rotor fixed, change the frequency of the stator rotating magnetic field can change the speed of the rotor. Brushless dc motor is a synchronous motor with electronic control ( Drive) , control the frequency of the stator rotating magnetic field and the motor rotor speed feedback to control the new correction repeatedly, in order to achieve close to the way the characteristics of dc motor. That is to say, brushless dc motor can be within the rated load when the load changes can still maintain control motor rotor speed. Brushless dc cooling fan adopts brushless motor drive, no electromagnetic interference, the springs to overcome a brush in search of electromagnetic interference, big noise and mechanical life of the shortcoming of short. Widely used in electronic electrician compulsory for heat dissipation.
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