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The working principle of the cooling fan circuit

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
The circuit principle of the cooling fan: Let us first understand the composition of the circuit. The circuit is composed of three parts: (1) There must be an energy source that can provide electrical energy (for example: a battery that we are all familiar with). (2) Electric device, we collectively call it the load (for example: the light bulb we are familiar with). (3) Wire connecting the power supply and the load. The circuit concept of the cooling fan: (1) Electric current-it refers to the regular directional movement of electric charge. Although we can't see or touch, we can feel, for example, the on and off of lights. Electric current is divided into size: introduce current intensity to describe it, and define the amount of charge passing through the conductor cross-section per unit time as current intensity. The unit of current is ampere (A), milliampere (MA), and microampere (UA). Their conversion relationship is as follows: 1kAu003d103A 1mAu003d10-3A 1uAu003d10-6A The current has not only magnitude but also direction, we stipulate The direction of positive charge movement is the actual direction of the current (2) Voltage-we already know that the difference in potential between two points is the voltage between the two points. From the concept of electric field force work, voltage is the amount of work done by electric field force that moves a unit of positive charge from one point in the circuit to another point. The unit of voltage is volt (V), and the relationship between kilovolts (KV), millivolts (MV), and microvolts (UV) is as follows: 1KVu003d103V 1Vu003d103MV 1Vu003d106UV We specify the voltage reference direction, which is to assume the voltage drop The direction of the bottom. Use ‘+’’-’ in the circuit diagram to mark the reference direction of the voltage. (3) Electric power-we call the rate of work done power. (The unit is watts.) First, let's take a look at its definition:  Pu003dW÷T W represents the work done by the charge in T time; T refers to time. Wenling Tongchi Automobile Air Conditioning Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 in Wenling, China, and is a high-tech enterprise focusing on Ru0026D, production and sales of cooling fans. The produced DC cooling fans, AC cooling fans, blowers, waterproof/dustproof cooling fans, EC frequency conversion cooling fans, DC cooling fans, automobile cooling cooling fans, silent cooling cooling fans, bracket cooling cooling fans, turbocharged cooling fans , DC cooling fans, DC centrifugal fans, DC blowers, blower manufacturers, new energy cooling fans, brushless motors, etc., have been widely used in: communication equipment, UPS power supplies, medical equipment, electric welding machines, industrial control equipment, household appliances, air purification Industry, automobile industry, projector, beauty equipment, sports equipment and other industries.
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