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The working principle of parsing no hakaze fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
No hakaze fan is very popular this year, big to international brands, small to small factories, production and sales of the fan. The shape of the fan size varied, can satisfy the use of different places, make fully use of space.

no kinds
hakaze fan for this kind of new things, a lot of people may not know, that have no hakaze fan works. Here is to introduce.
in the first place to have a look at the fan base design, and is not a simple motor power switch on collocation, the combination of wind power gear. Base with the fan wind box can be separated by bayonet together. Base inside besides have motor, there are covered with dense hole inlet, here is the most primitive draw the part of the air.

no hakaze fan out wind box part

no hakaze fan base part

no hakaze fan base is covered with dense hole under the
air inlets, after entering base, driven by the motor, and after a layer above the base of hidden blade upward air supply. This layer is horizontal rotating blades, fitted with a wind box outside after completely can't see.

no hakaze fan base level with a layer of blades, blow the air to move in and out of the wind box

no hakaze fan out wind box and the base of the bayonet
after motor and fan, has formed a certain air of air into the wind box inside the cavity. Attention, the wind box internal cavity is a special structure, instead of a simple metal solid box. From the cross section diagram you can see, the fan box cavity towards the positive direction thinner air supply, completely closed, thicker, the opposite direction after a circle of metal package to set aside a narrow gap, the gap is the outlet.

no hakaze fan out the wind box outlet aperture

no hakaze fan out the wind box cross section diagram
air coming up from the base, spreading out the wind box cavity in the body, accumulated to a certain extent will be more than normal pressure cavity in vitro, and the formation of the wind. The front narrow back-end generous chamber will force the internal air flow toward the back-end wider cavity movement, constantly & other; Mutual extrusion & throughout; Air can only last from the tiny slit & other; Leakage & throughout; Go out for running after a period of time, this structure can gradually strengthen supply air pressure, make the gap of air outlet more quickly.

the air in the direction of the wind box cavity flow
once the outlet of the air flow is accelerated, the formation of blowing effect, can cause the air around the wind box also follow flowing. Forward after on the one hand, the fan on the back of the air from coming in, and strengthen the effect of center air supply, the other side, the wind box outside air may also be because of air currents caused by the negative pressure added together, widen the range of blowing. Various airflow overlay, can form many times the base absorption ability of air supply.

the fan on the back of the air from the forward added to strengthen the central air supply effect after

the box body surround air because air flow caused by negative pressure also added together, broaden the scope of blowing

the wind box cross section flow diagram

superposition of various air flow to form several times the base absorption ability of air supply effect
the above is the no blade fan air distribution principle of the new product, it has broken away from the traditional fan pure motor drives the fan Ye Zhi transfers the pattern of the wind, but in the blades of the wind and then add a link, by changing the airflow movement route, achieve more ideal effect of air supply. Although not famous, but before this product did not launch, estimates that few people would think less fan blades can also blow, the innovation tell people, as long as the courage to imagine, and take the initiative to try from another Angle to think, in life there are a lot of details can be optimized constantly.
in the aspect of application, due to the fan to cancel the middle high-speed rotating blades, safer, even home children stretched out his hand to it don't have to worry about will cut into, and at the same time the fan air supply more stable. And products is also very convenient to clean and cloth to wipe the outer surface of the smooth and clean, do not need to take up the fencing grid, brush is very bother to clean up the dust accumulation in the above, also do not need to remove the cover of the outside cover first, then wipe the inside of the blades.

no hakaze fan fan and the effect of air supply traditional comparative
in the production process, compared with the traditional fan, the no blade fan products mainly to increase the wind box inner chamber of the design, manufacture and assembly link, the cost of increase is not obvious, especially to form a certain scale assembly line production, don't worry about scarce raw materials make the price too high, also won't because the process is too complex and trival increase the manufacturing difficulty, more will not lead to the decrease of the quality of the product structure design change, so we have reason to believe that this new product will soon accepted by market, can appear even more similar products, and further affect our way of life in the future.
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