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The use of the automobile cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Summer will come, the factory workshop, workshop, warehouse and other larger area gradually began to use auto cooling fan, fan ventilation cooling, etc. Here to provide a car radiator fan installation method and matters needing attention.
a, using the power: use before whether the electrical parameters of the motor and power supply are equal, so as not to burn out door head winding insulation resistance to the ground should be greater than zero. 5 megohm can use. Run before hand rotating blades should be no deformation, and the framework of a collision phenomenon, be sure to check the wind leaf, after the power supply's turn right from the front of the blades, the blades anticlockwise, such as steering is not correct, it should be replaced for unit sold, lest cause an accident.
2, shaking his head control: power off first, after waiting for the wind leaf stalling, see attached figure one, when adjusting screw on the edge of the overload protection device hole, fan Angle is 90 degrees, if unscrew the adjusting screw, together with the connecting rod moved to the center of the overload protection device, screw holes fan pendulum Angle is zero adjustment, to adjust the screw tightening, in case of loose.
3, speed regulation: if there is the function of the fan, 0 to disconnect, 1 as the low gear and 3 for the fastest file.
4, fan elevation adjustment: first off power after being blades a halt, with the hand hold head, unscrew joint bolt and lock screw, then head of the pitch Angle adjustment to the ideal, and finally tighten connection bolt.
5, wall corner installation: use strong frame board 2 14 hole and two M12 bolt, should be firmly on the ground close to the wall, then bend in strong frame plate set of 2 U block and locking bolt tightening can bend GuanKeZheng loading or loading, but no matter positive or reverse, the two locking bolts on a must in the long in the position of holes through the bending tube department, to prevent falling.
6, safety operation regulation: only when the fan stops rotating, just can move and adjustment, to ensure safety. Fan away, shall not hinder the fan head, in case of damage of fan or turn to. Seven, note:

1. Cannot be used in acid and alkali or explosive gas.
2。 After 1500 hours of operation, should replace the bearing or gear box of grease.
3。 Should be stored in clean, dry, free of acid and other corrosive gas, proper moisture, lest they should not be turned.
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