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The use of dc fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Dc fan application:

dc fan used in industry: industry ( 行业) Refers to the material and processing them into products work and process. Industry is the product of the development of social division of labor, through manufacturing, machinery industry, modern industrial development stages.

dc fan used in: computer ( 电脑) Commonly known as, is a kind of used in modern electronic computing machines, high-speed computing numerical calculation can be done, and we can do logic, also has the memory function.

dc fan used in automobiles, the latest national standards in our country the car and trailer types of terms and definitions ( GB / T
3730。 1 - 2001). In the car has the following definition: driven by power, with four or more than four wheels of orbital carrying vehicles, mainly used for: carrying passengers and ( Or) The goods; Traction carrying passengers and ( Or) The goods of the vehicle; Special purpose.

dc fan used in communications equipment, communications equipment is divided into cable communications equipment and wireless communications equipment, cable communications equipment mainly introduces the solution to the industrial field a serial port communication, professional lines of communications, industrial Ethernet communication and various kinds of communication protocol conversion between devices.

the content of the above, is the use of dc fan area, actually the use of dc fan field is very wide, the above said is only the often contact part in our life.
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