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The use of automotive cooling fan to live longer

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In the welding work, the car has always been more widely used, the car in under the action of automobile cooling fans, can be said to be the car brings the twice the result with half the effort! From the use of efficacy, let's look at why you want to use car cooling fans.
car at the time of use, it embodied in the racing season to season and load of two aspects, when the car is the use of the positive and negative poles in instantaneous short circuit arc produced by high temperature to melt the solder on the welding electrode and welding materials, to make them in combination with the purpose of, and in this operation, the temperature is high, so we need to correct the use of automobile cooling fans, let the car chassis internal temperature can be reduced, thus improving the service life of the car.
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