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The type of radiator cooling fan have?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Used radiator cooling fan manufacturer knows, radiator cooling fan is the use of forced convection heat, its own training effect, make the air in a certain way, by implementing the forced convection cooling way to achieve the cooling effect. As the application situation and the change of environmental temperature, sometimes need different speed cooling fan to meet the demand, many manufacturers are producing all kinds of different types of radiator cooling fan, then you know what types of radiator cooling fan? The last time to share what is the working principle of the cooling fan heat dissipation, today to introduce the type of the radiator cooling fan. Radiator cooling fan types are: 1, heat dissipation dc cooling fan, radiator dc cooling fan is the use of direct current (dc) to provide power supply, there are two major part is stator and rotor, are on the stator poles ( Winding type or permanent magnet) , the rotor winding, after electrify, also formed on the rotor magnetic field ( The magnetic poles) And an Angle between stator and rotor poles have, in the stator magnetic field ( N pole and S pole) Attract each other, is the motor rotation. Change the brush seat, can change the Angle of the rotor poles ( Assumptions in the stator pole to start edge Angle, the pole to the other side of the rotor, the rotor pole is pointing in the direction of the stator pole motor direction of rotation) Direction, so as to change the direction of rotation of the machine. Therefore has good heat dissipation effect, long service life. 2, scatter thermal cooling fan: axial shaft diaspora heat radiating fan blade pushing in the same direction as the axial air flow. Similar to the impeller and the propeller shaft diaspora heat fan, it at work, the vast majority of the flow of air flow parallel to the axis, in other words, along the axis direction. Axis diaspora hot fan when the inlet air flow is 0 static free air, the lowest power consumption, as the jet backpressure rises when running power consumption will increase. Axis diaspora hot fan is usually served on electrical equipment cabinets, sometimes integration on the motor. 3, centrifugal cooling cooling fan, centrifugal cooling cooling fan is working, blade air moving in a direction perpendicular to the axis phase ( The radial) Flow, inlet is along the axis direction, and the gas is perpendicular to the axis direction. In most cases, the use of shaft diaspora thermal cooling effect can be attained, however, sometimes you rotate it 90 degree if need air discharge or need larger wind pressure, must choose centrifugal cooling fan. Strictly speaking, fans are belong to the centrifugal cooling fan. To share about the type of the radiator cooling fan today is here, in addition, the heat dissipation of the cooling fan technology and performance has completely reached a mature stage, and constantly have new technology. The cooling fan sizes from 8 mm to 280 mm, the voltage is 5 v, 12 v, 24 v, 48 v, 110 v, 220 v, 380 v, form a square, circular, olive shape, etc.
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