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The technical index of the radiator cooling fan have?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
For everyone not unfamiliar, radiator cooling fan is often used to in the life, and for the technical index of the radiator cooling fan, but most users are sciolistic, at the time of purchase radiator cooling fan is not how to pay attention to, actually can be seen from the radiator cooling fan on the technical indicators of cooling of the cooling fan cooling effect how, consumers can look at before buying. What are the technical indicators so radiator cooling fan? YiRongChuan technician is to introduce the below. 1, the air volume air volume per minute is refers to the radiator cooling fan out or into the air volume, air volume is the most important measure of radiator cooling fan cooling capacity indicator. Normally air volume and the higher the greater the heat capacity. 2, wind pressure, wind pressure is to point to in the operation of the heat in the cooling fan in under pressure. Air pressure and air volume are two relative concepts, usually large wind radiator cooling fan air volume is small, on the contrary radiator cooling fan air volume is small, big wind. 3, vibration radiator cooling fan rotor turns, the rotor's physical center of mass and rotation inertia center is not in the same axis, will cause the imbalance of the rotor. When the rotor rotation due to the effect of centrifugal force produces a force on a shaft bracket and form of vibration, and vibration through the path to the mechanical parts. 4, wind cooling cooling fan noise is the size of the cooling fan is working to produce noise, affected by various factors, the unit is decibels ( dB) 。 Radiator cooling fan, air flow noise and friction. Cooling fan speed is higher, the air volume, the greater the noise will lead to greater. 5, different sound radiator cooling fan noise different sounds with different noise, refers to the cooling fan during operation, in addition to the wind, and the other voice, the voice is the different sound. Different sound may be due to the deformation of bearing or foreign body in it, and improper assembly and a collision, or uneven motor winding coil, create loose, is likely to produce different notes.
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