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The source of the cooling fan noise

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The cooling fan noise sources of

1. The physical cooling fan rotates the rotor center of mass and rotation inertia center is not in the same axis, will cause the imbalance of the rotor, the rotor of the closest known as eccentricity, physical mass center and the rotation due to unbalanced rotor eccentricity, as the rotor turns as a result of the action of bulk thermal vibration force on the rotating shaft bracket to form, and vibration through to the mechanical parts.

2. Cooling fan is working, because of the unequal blade periodically under export airflow of the pulse power, noise, on the other hand, due to the blade itself and uneven distribution of pressure on blade, turns on the surrounding gas and noise disturbance also constitute parts of rotating, moreover because the gas flowing through the blade when turbulence level, vortex and the vortex from, cause the pulsation of the pressure distribution on blade and vortex noise, the noise caused by three reasons called tuyere cutting noise can be comprehensive, general air volume. Air pressure will be bigger in large cooling fan noise.

3. Wind noise sound absorption is pure wind, and the sound is different, the fan operation, in addition to the wind, if there are other sound, can judge the fan in the different sound, sound may be due to the deformation of bearing or foreign body in it,. Referrals have burrs and improper assembly and appear collisions, or uneven motor winding, loose caused are likely to produce different notes. Wenling city chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD. Has advanced production equipment and high quality raw materials to reduce the cooling fans of different sounds.
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