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The rush of time flow to, tong chi dc fan still durable quality

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The rush of time flow to, tong chi dc fan quality still durable!

today is the theme of the tong chi small make up to share with you: 'the choice of dc fan, shenzhen tong chi' details are as follows. 。 。

it is well known that the traditional dc fan with cooling is given priority to, the previous technology main effect is to equipment cooling, but for the fan life, noise, rotating speed and air volume and no significant requirements. Tong chi dc fan to make better dc fan, to achieve product diversification, the product design and quality of the cooling of the best. The current implementation of various model adding different temperature control of motor speed, self-starting function such as technology, and can realize the fan life up to fifty thousand hours. Greatly increase the service life of the equipment.

military standard, the price of civilians, only to ensure customers to use ratio of dc fan. Dc fan of choose and buy, choose shenzhen tong chi! If you have any questions or custom and the production, please contact shenzhen tong chi sales department for details.

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