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The role of using car fans

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Ordinary fans still have a strong current after being stopped by an external force. At this time, they generate a large amount of heat and are easy to burn out the motor; while a fan with self-starting function, due to its special IC design, the current is 0 after stopping. After the external force is removed, it can re-rotate; in addition, at the same speed, the working current of the fan with self-starting function is only half of that of the ordinary fan, and the power consumption is extremely low. These two special functions to prevent the product from overheating greatly extend the service life of the fan and improve the cost-effectiveness of the product. When used for car heat dissipation: hot air can be discharged along the rear panel of the car, so that cold air flows into the car from the lower part of the front panel. Make the machine form a continuous convection environment, reduce the ambient temperature in the car, so as to effectively reach the auxiliary CPU, graphics card and other heat dissipation components. When used for power supply cooling: in addition to taking away the heat of the components in the power supply, it can also assist in exhausting the hot air flow in the car. Ordinary car fans are installed in the front of the car, sucking cold air from the front and blowing it to the air above the motherboard, and finally exhausted by the power supply fan to form convection. It is best to think about the direction of air movement. The best plan is to install a fan on the front and back, and spread them diagonally, and then the heat dissipation effect of the entire car will be very good. The front fan of the car blows inside and the rear fan blows outside. The convection CPU, graphics card, hard disk, optical drive, north bridge, south bridge and other chips on the board heat up the air in the car at all times. If the heat is not discharged out of the box, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation of various components and affect the service life of the car. . The actual measurement shows that the temperature inside the car is 5~10℃ lower than that of the car without car fan, which can significantly improve the working environment of the accessories and electrical components in the car.
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