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The role of automobile cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The function of auto cooling system is bai will be heated parts part of heat absorption of scattered du sent out in time, ensure the engine work under proper temperature condition. The engine cooling system with air cooling and water cooling. With air cooling system known as the air cooling system for cooling medium; With coolant as cooling medium water cooling system. Automotive engine cooling system for forced circulation water cooling system, namely using the liquid cooling water pump pressure, forced cooling fluid circulating in the engine. The cooling system is mainly composed of water tank, water pump, radiator, cooling fan, compensation thermostat, the water in the engine block and cylinder head cover and auxiliary equipment, etc. In the cooling system, there are two cooling cycle: one is the main loop of engine cooling, the other one is inside the heating cycle. Both cycle engine as the halfway point, is to use the same cooling fluid.
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