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The requirements of medical radiator cooling fan and the scope of use how much do you know

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In recent years, the radiator cooling fan market development is very big, from simple intelligent electronic devices to high-end products, intelligent household, car cushion, medical apparatus and instruments, etc. , are massive radiator cooling fan is adopted, medical radiator cooling fan to precision requirements. Medical radiator cooling fan with the following requirements: 1, high speed and acceleration - Can run under the condition of dn value of more than 3 million, and skid, wear and heat are decreasing; 2, medical equipment, radiator cooling fan name, wear resistance, long - long life - Full ceramic bearing fatigue life of name will be 10 - longer than all steel bearing 50 times, hybrid ceramic bearing, name is higher than the plans of all steel bearing name 3 - About five times; 3, the lubrication rarely - - Ceramic material of low friction coefficient, using the ceramic bearing lubrication, the lubricant is thinning or boundary conditions, its lubricating ability is still not less than the traditional steel bearings commonly used lubricants; 4, resistant to abrasion - , because of the ceramic materials as inert material more resistant to corrosion and wear; 5, large rigid - - From ceramic materials of high elastic modulus, the rigid steel bearing 15 - larger than normal 20%; 6, high temperature resistant - - 70 ℃ temperature; 7, low torque - - According to the structure, reduce 1/3 of the ceramic bearing torque; 8, non-magnetic non-conductive - - Ceramic bearing is not affected by magnetic, electrical damage. Medical radiator cooling fan, cooling fan with high frequency electric knife, biochemical instruments, immune apparatus, blood clotting, and blood analysis and so on are useful to the instrument. 1, noise, noise problems in the process of the use of the cooling fan is an age-old question. If it is found that the cooling fan noise is too large, to check the bolts, whether is loose. Also check the fan impeller is loose, too often and the noise of the fan blades are the links, so once the fan noise, many users can think of to check the fan impeller part first. 2, don't turn: there is not the cooling fan motor rotation this kind of problem, if the medical such phenomenon in a centrifugal fan, must cut off power supply first, then check, if charged check may threaten the maintenance staff of the life in full, constitute a large press all hidden trouble, actually in the fan a lot of problems as far as the power supply in the fault, are necessary to cut off the power supply, in order to protect is according to the full. 3, vibration: fan bearing vibration is common faults in the operation, the vibration of the fan will cause damage of bearing and blade, bolt looseness, chassis and wind damage, such as fault, seriously endanger the fan according to the operation. Fan bearing the reason of excessive vibration is more, if you can according to different cause analysis take appropriate treatment method, often can have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort. Fault although said are interlinked, but some faults solution or not of the spring, the user must be the foundation of the actual situation of their fan scientific inspection maintenance. Can be more according to the full use of the cooling fan. Medical equipment cooling cooling fan is widely used in computer, communications products, photoelectric products, consumer electronics, automotive electronics equipment, switches, medical devices, heaters, air conditioners, frequency converter, ATM, automobile air-conditioner, welding machine, induction cooker, audio equipment, environmental equipment, refrigeration equipment, such as traditional or modern instruments and equipment.
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